By Matthew Schniper, C.S. Independent

This isn't so much a review as a semi-guided query: Why did Indy readers vote The Famous as our best fine dining and best overall restaurant this year?

It's a question underlying many others I initially posed to general manager Johnathan Shankland last month, while trying to flush out the subtle qualities that distinguish this leather-booth-and-steak-knife setup from every other in this inconsistent world, where price never really guarantees a superior meal.

And the answer isn't as simple as talking about a chef, or front-house philosophy, or ingredient sourcing, menu execution, alcohol adeptness or ambiance. It's presumably a cocktail of all those elements...

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Then Johnathan Shankland, general manager at the Famous, kindly asked me to be his guest (i.e., comped me) for the event — the first in what he hopes will be one similar special dinner a month. (Keep an eye on the Famous' Facebook page for updates.)

Shankland and chef Brian Sack partnered with Bombay Sapphire brand specialist Corie Riden to present the four-course, gin-cocktail-paired meal.

If you'd like to simply take a quick photo tour, watch a slideshow by clicking here or clicking this photo:


Bombay Sapphire meets a Pernod-washed glass, Champagne, lemon juice and pear puree laced with baking spices.

If you'd like the cocktail recipes, Shankland will post them on the Famous' Facebook p...

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Walking into The Famous, A Steakhouse on a recent Wednesday evening, you would never know we’re in the middle of hard economic times.

The polished, dark leather booths hummed with the conversation of well-heeled diners leaning over slender martinis and rotund globes of red wine. Waiters all in black, whisked by bearing trays of steaks thick as dictionaries — some loaded with shrimp or crab. The clink of glasses at the bar mixed with the lilt of the piano, which was playing a song that never goes out of style: “You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss …”

Photo - A New York Strip Steak at The Famous, a high-end steakhouse that opened in 2002 downtown on Tejon Street.  Photo by BRANDON IWAMOTO, THE GAZETTE+ caption

The Famous is as timeless as the song. It opened as an upstart high-end steakhouse in 2002, but t...

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The Famous Steak House

31 N Tejon Street,

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Phone. 719.227.7333

Email. famoussteakhouse@gmail.com